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Tribal partnerships offer business advantages not found anywhere else. Lower taxes, favorable zoning, reduced liability and manageable labor laws all accompany a tribal partnership. Whether you’re considering a start-up manufacturing enterprise or repositioning an existing business staking your future on sovereign tribal land is safe, advantageous, and filled with benefits not available anywhere else. Explore your options and a brighter future for your business today by contacting Migizi Economic Development Company an entity of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe.

Venture Capital Investments

Our Process

Once a proposal clears our analysis team it goes to the CEO for review. If the CEO feels the proposal has merit the CEO will then present the proposal to the Migizi Board to see if the Board has an interest. If the Board does have an interest only then may a face to face meeting between the Principals and the Migizi CEO, the Migizi Board, or Tribal Council be arranged.


  • The proposal must meet the Strategic Goals of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe as defined by Its Tribal Council and the Migizi Board of Directors
  • The investment must be managed by a proven, well experienced management team representing all areas of business relating to the project
  • Offer a higher than market rate return on investment
  • Offer at least a five year payback or cash out term
  • Offer a significant equity position with management oversight. We do not consider positions as a silent partner or silent equity investor
  • All principals must have a substantial amount of their own cash in the project - not just sweat equity
  • All principals must have an acceptable credit rating and pass a background check
  • Location of project must be in a politically & economically stable geographic region with limited barriers
  • Investment funds must not be used to cover operating expenses or Research and Development

If your business proposal meets our criteria as listed above, you may submit the proposal to: Migizi Economic Development Company, 2410 S. Leaton Road, Suite 1, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858


Specific advantages in partnering with the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe include:

The Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe is a Sovereign Government with Sovereign Businesses
The Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe operates tribally chartered businesses that have the same status as the tribe in regards to federal income tax exemptions as well as soverign immunity from lawsuits.
The Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe is exempt from local, county, and state zoning, land use restrictions, and permitting requirements. The tribe can issue environmental licenses and permits in accordance with tribal and federal Environmental Protection Agency requirements.
Exemptions From Federal and State Tax
If a business is formed between the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe and a non-tribal company, the portion which is owned by the tribe is in most cases exempt from federal and state income taxes. If the land that the business is located on is held in "trust" status by the federal government, the land and any improvemets to that land, is not subject to state or local property taxes.
Federal Tax Credits
Investment Tax Credit or New Market Tax Credits may be available for capital investments on tribal lands; this provides tax credits of up to 39 percent of the entire amount of investment.
Indian Wages and Insurance Tax Credits may be available for employers hiring qualified employees living on tribal lands; this tax credit is worth up to 20 percent of wages and health insurance for qualified employees.
Equipment and building accelerated depreciation may be claimed at twice the normal rate for locating equipment and buildings on tribal lands.
Federal Government Contracting Preferences
Preferences on Bureau of Indian Affairs contracts (Buy Indian Act). The BIA has the authority to give preference to Indian and tribally-owned businesses in its procurement contracts
Preferences for tribal government owned corporations (8(a) Preference). The 8(a) program gives preference to minority owned small businesses in the federal bidding process. Tribally owned businesses receive additional benefits, including not being subjected to the lower contract amount caps.
Preference for Indian reservation based businesses (HUBZone Preference). Small businesses can benefit through competitive and sole source contracting and a 10 percent evaluation preference in full and open contract competitions.


All proposals are considered confidential by our staff and are not shared with third parties. Migizi EDC is not responsible for returning materials submitted without a prior understanding. Materials not picked up within 90 days are considered unclaimed and are shredded.

How to Submit a Proposal

If you have additional questions please contact Robert Juckniess at